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Unique raft installation of our LIGEO™ system illuminates the new experience zone for top German department store chain.

Karstadt department store in Dusseldorf have just refurbished an area of this famous store to offer the latest cutting edge store of the future experience to it’s patrons. The designers choice for the lighting was LIGEO™.

For this project the 3.6m diameter LIGEO™ light features were assembled off site on to a slim sub-frames and transported to site in two halves for installation. Once on site the light features were then quickly and easily installed using suspension wires to form a series of geometric shapes that hang above the shop floor. It actually took the installation team only about an hour per light feature to install on site. Saving time and money.

The resulting light features offers both high quality white light, to illuminate the merchandise/shop floor area and a design that seams to change form as you walk around the store. Subject to the angle that you approach these LIGEO™ light features the geometric design offers the illusion of movement, offing a sensory experience from a static element that further enhances the user experience.

Another feature of this installation, is the smaller arrow like light fixtures. We made these using our smaller 600mm LIGEO™ fittings. They were then installed at the top of the escalators outside the new experience zone, we then hooked up the light fixtures  to an intelligent DALI lighting control system and with some clever dimming control we then used these fixtures to direct customers in the right direction to the new experience store. Another creative use for the LIGEO™ system.

For more information please visit the Karstadt experience store Website 

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